IPv6 Router Solicitation

IPv6 Router Solicitation

Router Advertisement is an information from an active router that is used to configure local routing or automatic configuration. These information are sent periodically to the host computer as a standard.

In cases when the host (computer or server) needs to prompt an immediate router advertisement, it sends what is called as a Router Solicitation. Examples of this include commands for re-booting or re-starting a running computer. The system is alerted through router solicitation.

Router solicitation messages belong to the ICMPv6 set of messages, specific to the IPv6 protocol. They are identified by a Next Header value "x'3A and decimal 58.

An IPv6 router solicitation is closely associated to the Neighbor Discovery (ND) function of the IPv6. Under this, the hosts or routers obtain or discover the link-layer addresses for elements that reside on attached links (neighbor) and to cleansed or purge spaces with chached values that are no longer functioning.

Aside from these, ND is also utilized to find a close router that the firt router can access to forward information requests from packets or datagrams initially sent through them. This is a task germane in universal router set-up, where a host actively look or discover a functioning alternative router if the initial search for a router or a path did not work. Together with the IPv6 router solicitation, ND ensures the seamless transfer of requested data over the Internet.